Course Contents


  • Pre-IELTS / TOEFL @CFE:This course is mainly focused on developing language skills which are must for taking IELTS / TOEFL tests. Moreover, the students, after the completion of this course can take SAT / GRE / GMAT and other tests related to English language. Even they can face any interviews (VISA/ IELTS/Job …) with the knowledge that they have gained. Finally, it is even equally important to those who really want to have a good command in English (Written & Spoken) and make career in any fields.
  • Course Contents:
    1. Listening

    Audios and Videos          Listen and answer           Listen and write or speak

    1. Speaking

    Conversation and Discussion        Presentation / Speech

    Facing /Taking interviews              Question-Answer

    1. Reading

    Reading words, sentences and paragraphs with meaning

    Read and answer the questions   Read and summarize

    Reading stories / novels                                Reading news articles

    1. Writing

    Writing paragraphs / Letters / CV / Application

    Writing a report describing figures like line graph, pie-chart, map, process, diagram, table, etc.                    Writing essays

    1. Grammar

    Parts of speech                                Tense all            Voice

    Conjunctions                                     If-clause             Relative clause

    Sentence structures: Simple, Compound and Complex and More…

    1. Vocabulary

    Nouns / Verbs / Adverbs / Adjectives                Classified Words

    Word Formation              Antonyms & Synonyms

    Idioms and Phrases